Monday, January 23, 2012

Creating Destiny (preview)

Salam ukhwah.....

I just finished watched "Creating Destiny" (Korea drama). Its wonderful story. let's wanna see the actor and actress,
Han Sang Eun moved to Australia when she was a teenager. Years later she goes back to Korea with her American boyfriend. Her family, however, has their hopes set on her marrying a nice, Korean boy. They do everything in their power to make her fall in love with Kim Yeo Joon.

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let's see the actor and actress:

 the main hero and heroin(so handsome this guy and also romantic.

 ini masa hero pi memujuk heroin kat australia. This time so romantic scene. kalau nak tau tengok sendiri.

 among actor and actress 

 this lovely cute kids name her JINJU

 this time hero and heroin bertunang

 so cute right this couple

source pictures from Google images.

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